Trade and economic cooperation

Estonia is an important trading partner of the Republic of Belarus in the Nordic region.

In 2019 the trade between Belarus and Estonia amounted to $ 139,8 million. Belarusian exports to Estonia amounted to 107,6 million dollars, imports — 32,2 million dollars.

Dynamics of commodity turnover of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Estonia (in millions of dollars): 2014 — 154.2; 2015 — 101.2; 2016 — 105.7; 2017 — 112.8; 2018 – 180; 2019 — 139,8.

Dynamics of exports of Belarusian goods to Estonia (in millions of dollars): 2014 — 97.4; 2015 — 76.1; 2016 — 64.4; 2017 — 84.6; 2018 — 144.3; 2019 — 107,6.

The export structure was dominated by supplies of strong alcoholic drinks, salt, petroleum products, petroleum coke and bitumen, mixtures of bituminous, paints and varnishes, plates, sheets and films made of plastic, timber, wood-fiber boards, glued plywood, joinery, wooden products, linen, glass containers, rods and wires from steel, pipes and tubes made of ferrous metals, refrigerators, printing equipment, equipment for sorting and grinding soil, railroad or tram motor cars, tractors, cars, trucks, furniture.

In the commodity structure of imports from Estonia the largest share was taken by supplies of fish, cocoa paste, fermented drinks, slag and ash, medicines, cotton wool, gauze and bandages, putties, rubber vulcanization accelerators, silicones, leather, wood veneer, heat treatment equipment, lifting cranes, electric transformers, communication equipment, trailers and semi-trailers.

In 2019 Estonian investments in the amount of $ 45,6 million were attracted to the economy of the Republic of Belarus, of which direct investments were $ 42,3 million.

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