Trade and economic cooperation

Estonia is an important trading partner of the Republic of Belarus in the Nordic region.

In 2020 the trade between Belarus and Estonia amounted to $ 165 million. Belarusian exports to Estonia amounted to 93,1 million dollars, imports — 71,9 million dollars.

Dynamics of commodity turnover of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Estonia (in millions of dollars): 2015 — 101.2; 2016 — 105.7; 2017 — 112.8; 2018 — 180; 2019 — 139,8; 2020 — 165.

Dynamics of exports of Belarusian goods to Estonia (in millions of dollars): 2015 — 76.1; 2016 — 64.4; 2017 — 84.6; 2018 — 144.3; 2019 — 107,6; 2020 — 93,1.

The export structure was dominated by supplies of rapeseed oil; ethyl alcohol; strong alcoholic drinks; wastes from the extraction of other vegetable oils; salt; petroleum products; coke and petroleum bitumen; paints and varnishes; acids, oils and industrial alcohols; plates, sheets and films from plastics; plastic containers; tires; timber; fibreboards; glued plywood; joinery products; wooden products; linen fabrics; non-combed synthetic fibers; rods and wires made of steel; pipes and tubes made of ferrous metals; turbojet and turboprop engines; refrigerators; printing equipment; hand tools pneumatic, hydraulic or with a built-in motor; consoles, panels, tables for electrical equipment; insulated wires and cables; tractors; furniture.

In the commodity structure of imports from Estonia the largest share was taken by supplies of frozen fish; cocoa paste; vaccines, sera from blood, blood; medicines; cotton wool, gauze, bandages and adhesive plasters; putty; accelerators of vulcanization of rubber, plasticizers, stabilizers; plastic products; wood veneer; ferrous metal structures; communication equipment; devices used in medicine.

In 2020 Estonian investments in the amount of $ 75,9 million were attracted to the economy of the Republic of Belarus, of which direct investments were $ 45,2 million.

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